We were commissioned by the innovative eyewear brand Aether to create a new clip for their design store concept ‚Temple‘. The animation showcases a revolutionary concept store, seamlessly blending minimalism, innovation, and artistry. Inspired by the sleek aluminum casing of Aether’s high-end audio eyewear, the exterior design exudes a modern, avant-garde charm that captures attention effortlessly. As you step inside, the ambiance transforms into a modern oasis. The interior, adorned with soft light colors, creates a clean and inviting atmosphere. The space speaks a contemporary design language that mirrors the brand’s commitment to innovation and style.

The crowning jewel of ‚Temple‘ is its specially designed foyer. Picture a vast 360° LED panorama, immersing visitors in a dynamic visual experience. At the center of this artistic spectacle is a seemingly floating glass sphere. More than just a store, ‚Temple‘ blurs the lines between retail and art gallery.
Designed as a popup store which could be located in larger spaces.

Creative Direction: Hannes Unt
Setdesign & CGI: formundrausch
DP & Edit: Johannes Arro
Sound: Lauri-Dag Tüür

Client: Aether
Services: CGI | Animation