Very close before Christmas 2022 we got a call from Oliver Hoppmann, the director of the upcomming Grand Show at Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin. formundrausch was commissioned to produce the video design for the new Grand Show FALLING | IN LOVE which had it’s premiere in Oktober 2023. After six challenging months full of creative brainstorming, tons of RNDs and endless animation loops we were absolute honored to be part of this most sparkling Grand Show ever. In close cooperation with director Hoppmann, formundrausch was responsible for the complete video content and we are a little proud and very grateful for this opportunity and the confidence in formundrausch’s creative work. Here are some great live shots by our dear friend Chris Moylan (optikalusion) who again was responsible for the intergallactic light design. Also some RNDs and test renderings of designs that didn’t quite make it into the final version.

Creative Direction: Oliver Hoppmann
Art Direction: Hannes Lippert
Motion Design: formundrausch

Client: Friedrichstatd-Palast Berlin
Website: palast.berlin
Services: Motion Design | CGI