Gravel Residence feat. Waschbeton Series

We teamed up with Charlotte Tayler and VAUST studio to create a mesmerizing scenery for VAUST’s upcomming Waschbeton Series.

Gravel Residence is a fictional space in a fictional world displaying our real Waschbeton series project. The scenery embodies the feeling of an otherworldly home, carefully carved into a mountain. Boulders gently levitate above a terrain where rocky formations emerge from natural pools. The space is thought as the perfect environment to stage the objects of our Waschbeton series in juxtaposition of well known design icons. Immense room sizes and a choice of eclectic materials merge together in a soft brutalist architecture. (words by VAUST studio)

Client: VAUST studio | formundrausch
Services: Modelling | Shading | Lighting | Rendering