Our latest projects, both commercial and personal, have been heavily influenced by natural elements. Also, CGI allows us to create very photorealistic surreal worlds, which don’t necessarily have to exist in reality.

Also, for ICONICO we wanted to create an environment in which nature was the predominant decor. We decided to use desaturated colors and a minimalist architectural language to create an environment that would be as less distracting as possible, so that the ICÓNICO products, while blending in well with the environment, would still be the protagonists.

We chose a selection of products with rounded edges and shapes, trying to reflect this in the clean, modern forms of minimalist architecture.

To create a strong contrast to the bathroom products, we designed a dry-looking landscape that allows to focus even more on each of the products.

Concept: formundrausch
Visualization: formundrausch

Website: iconico.es
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