We had the honor to develop and create the visuals for the digital exhibition PROVENANCED curated by New York based studio TRNK.

PROVENANCED is a digital exhibition that celebrates African and Indigenous contributions to western visual languages and design culture.

PROVENANCED was born as a small attempt to honor the depth, diversity, and persistence of these contributions by African and Indigenous artists, however obscured they may now be. By placing contemporary designs, produced by a diverse set of global designers, alongside vintage African works, the visual seamlessness makes these historical relationships boldly apparent.

Featuring works by Ben & Aja Blanc, Ewe Studio, Form Atelier, Jomo Tariku, Marta Bonilla, Pretziada and Rooms Studio.

Concept: Tariq Dixon
Setdesign & CGI: formundrausch
Additional 3D: Mohammad Awadi
Music: Bennet Gamradt, Jannick Kreis

Client: TRNK
Services: Setdesign | CGI