We teamed up with New York based studio TRNK to create a digital exhibition including works of Seoul-based FICT studio and Sisan Lee and Disciplina Studio from Mexico plus pieces of the TRNK collection.

REND proposes a new vantage point on duality by engaging the diverse approaches of four designers whose works share a common material language: metal and stone. Through newly-commissioned and limited-edition pieces, the exhibition interrogates common contrasts — hard and soft, rigid and flexible, warm and cold. The works find middle ground in the raw edges of Disciplina Studio’s marble tables, and the plush upholstery of TRNK Collection’s steel-based seating. Works by Sisan Lee and FICT Studio directly engage the weight and rigidity of their chosen mediums, presenting furniture that appears ineffably light yet layered. By considering these works as a whole, rather than disparately, qualities that once seemed intrinsic become a matter of context.

words by Sean Santiago
creative direction by Tariq Dixon
spatial design and cgi by formundrausch

Client: TRNK
Services: Spatial Design | CGI